School Hours & Term Dates

Our school times for 2022 are:

8:15am – Classrooms open

8:30am – School day begins 

10:30am – Child Directed Play

11:00 am – Lunch

1:10pm – Afternoon Tea

1.20pm - Child Directed Play

2:45pm – School day ends

We encourage our parents to bring their child to school and ready to go into class at 8.15am.  Our teachers personally greet every student at the door and our students engage in independent reading between 8.15am - 8.30am.  This allows a calm start to their day.

Children who arrive at school between 8.00am -8.15am must go the the library.  Children cannot be dropped at school before 8.00am unless they are going to Running Club, Choir, Eco Warriors, Art Club or Numero Club.  Kindergarten and pre-primary students must be taken to class at 8.15am by a parent or carer.

2022 Kindy Days Calendar


Term One

Students start - Monday 31 January

School Development Day - 27 and 28 January 

Last day of term - Friday 8 April 

Term Two

Students start - Wednesday 27 April

School Development Day - Tuesday 26 April 

Last day of term - Friday 1 July 

Term Three

Students start - Tuesday 19 July

School Development Day - Monday 18 July

Last day of term - Friday 23 September 

Term Four

Students start - Tuesday 11 October

School Development Day - Monday 10 October

Students last day of term - Thursday 15 December


Playing with playdough
Water Play