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Our Vision and Brand Story

As our students grow, they are shaped by so many influences. They are nurtured by their teachers, parents, leaders, community members, older siblings and other students.

The two arcs of our logo which wrap around these icons represent the togetherness of our community as we care for and protect our students through their learning journey.

The design is circular which embraces the concept of the continuous cycle of learning and depicts a sense of unity and collaboration.

Our colours are strong and clean and are drawn from our natural surroundings because they are warm, calm and natural. 

This thinking forms part of the Southern Grove Primary culture where ‘Together we Grow’.

Our Beliefs

We value the development of the whole child and are committed to the academic, physical, social and emotional development of our students.

We believe that all children are born with the natural ability to learn and develop through exploration, investigation and the need for explicit direction and instruction.

We believe it is our role to inspire in our students a sense of wonder at, and a connection to, nature and the world around them.

We believe it is important to personalise learning and provide a nurturing and supportive environment to encourage students to become lifelong learners and achieve their potential.

We believe building positive relationships with students, parents and the wider school community is the key to successful learning for our students.  We embrace culture, family and relationships within our community and recognise these as major influences in our students' lives and learning journey.