School Hours & Term Dates

Our school times for 2021 are:

8:15am – classrooms open

8:30am – school starts

10:30am – child directed play

10.55am – lunch

1:10pm – afternoon tea

1.20pm - child directed play

2:45pm – School ends

We ask that students do not arrive at school before 8:00am. Students who arrive at 8:00am must go to the library until classroom doors open at 8:15am.

Kindergarten and pre-primary students must be taken to class at 8:15am by a parent or carer and collected at 2:45pm by a parent or carer.

2021 Kindy Days Calendar


Term One

Students start - Monday 1 February

School Development Day - Friday 12 March

Last day of term - Thursday 1 April

Term Two

Students start - Monday 19 April

School Development Day - Tuesday 8 June

Last day of term - Friday 2 July

Term Three

Students start - Monday 19 July

School Development Day - Friday 3 September

Last day of term - Friday 24 September

Term Four

Students start - Monday 11 October

Students last day of term - Thursday 16 December


Playing with playdough
Water Play