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School Board

The School Board was established on 4 April 2018. It is with pleasure that we introduce the following School Board members:

Bec Burns Principal
Anni Thompson Board Chair/community member
Nahin Ahmed Parent Representative
Stuart Cobb Parent Representative
Carla Howe Parent Representative
Jayne Horton Parent Representative
Jen Forster Staff Representative
Krystal Jager Staff Representative
Leanne Santaromita Staff Representative
Vanessa Pugh Secretary









Anni Thompson - Board Chair, can be emailed at

School Board meetings are held twice a term on Tuesday evenings. Please check the Events Calendar for upcoming meetings.

Meeting Minutes 4 April 2018

Meeting Minutes 15 May 2018

Meeting Minutes 12 June 2018

Meeting Minutes 31 July 2018

Meeting Minutes 28 August 2018

Meeting Minutes 23 October 2018

Meeting Minutes 20 November 2018