Connect is a secure online environment that has been developed by the Department of Education Western Australia and provides parents with a way to engage with their child's learning easily and safely online. 

Schools can use Connect to keep you updated with important information. Things such as school and classroom activities, up-coming events, photos and stories can be sent to you via email or, if you prefer, via a push notification to your phone. Connect is also a place where documents can be stored for parent access but this is not available via the app.

You can log in to Connect through the free app Connect Now downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

You may also log in on any internet-enabled device by clicking on the following link:



Will I be notified when there is a message or notice in Connect?  Yes. When a teacher or administrator publishes a Notice an email is automatically sent to you letting you know a Notice has been created.

What if I don't really use emails?  Connect Now, the mobile app, enables all Connect parents to use their single sign on account details and stream all of the Notices and Discussions to their personal mobile.

Can I reply to messages?  There will be times when you are invited to respond to messages. When this happens a Comment button will be visible under the Connect Notice.

Who else sees the class notice?  Only parents attached to a teacher's class are able to access the content in that Connect class.

What if I forget my login details?   You are able to set verification questions to reset your own password. You can also contact the school for your login information. This is only accessible via the website browser and not via the app.

Useful Information

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How to Use the Connect Now App