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Communication with Parents

Southern Grove Primary School website

Our school website is the gateway to a wealth of information about our school.  The website is updated regularly with the latest news and events.  We encourage our families to visit the website regularly.


Compass is an online portal used to communicate with parents.  When logged into Compass parents are able to see information specific to their own child/ren such as:

  • Classroom notices
  • Admin communication 
  • Online learning documentation
  • Absentee and teacher email information

Southern Grove Primary School Facebook page

Are you on Facebook?  We encourage you to like and follow the school Facebook page to ensure you are kept up to date with what is happening at Southern Grove.  We publish stories and information about the school on a regular basis.  We also encourage parents to interact with our Facebook page regularly.

Southern Grove Facebook

School Calendar

Each year we provide all families with a school calendar.  The calendar contains information about our school and any events being held.  

News and Events

News and events are published regularly via the Latest News section on the home page, our school Facebook page and Compass.


At times parents will be sent information via email.  It is important that the school has your up to date email address at all times.

SMS Messaging

Text messages are sent to parents each morning if a student is absent without parental notification.  Messages of an urgent nature may also be sent via a text message.

Keeping you in the loop...

Relevant communication will be sent to parents as required.  A copy of these newsletters can be found on the school website.